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How Odeko Saves $45,000 a Month With FreightPOP - NetSuite Integration

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[NEW CASE STUDY] Are you looking to streamline your shipping management, accurately assess landed costs, and establish shipping KPIs? Look no further than Odeko's remarkable journey with FreightPOP's integration to NetSuite. Our latest case study highlights how Odeko quickly implemented a TMS solution that results in $45,000 in monthly savings!


New Case Study Highlights NetSuite Integration


Odeko, a provider of supply chain management solutions for independent food businesses, had key objectives: to enhance their transportation processes and reduce costs. With exponential growth and plans to ramp up shipments, they needed a scalable solution to expand carrier options and eliminate overspending. 

Enter FreightPOP with a game-changing integration to NetSuite. By implementing FreightPOP, Odeko gained the ability to process orders across multiple shipping providers per shipment, empowering them to negotiate prices 3PLs and brokerages effectively. No longer bound by limited carrier choices, Odeko could now delve into granular cost analysis, driving significant savings.



Integration with NetSuite enabled Odeko to assess actual landed costs and facilitated the establishment of shipping KPIs for performance measurement. FreightPOP's customization and expertise seamlessly established the connection between NetSuite and the TMS, catering to Odeko's unique ERP configuration.

Gone are the days of disjointed approaches and multiple logins to broker websites. With FreightPOP's intuitive system, Odeko consolidated all their shipping operations into a single interface, simplifying price comparisons, generating reports, and performing essential functions. This efficient process overhaul saves time, enhances productivity, and encourages quick adoption by both staff and customers.

The results speak for themselves—and the savings are astounding, with $45,000 in monthly savings realized through automation, headcount efficiencies, auditing benefits, and access to a competitive carrier marketplace. Read the full case study and embark on your own journey to substantial savings with FreightPOP.

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