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Janitorial Distributor Cleans Up On Procurement, Orders, And HAZMAT

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Learn how a major supplier and distributor with a heavy ecommerce arm relying on Magento and InsiteCommerce revamped management of their high volume parcel and LTL shipments.

One of our newer customers is a major janitorial and sanitation vendor/distributor with a huge selection of maintenance products. Before they came to us, they managed their high-volume parcel and LTL shipments using Magento and InsiteCommerce (now B2B Commerce Cloud by Insite) and a TMS platform with limitations holding them back. 

Customer Challenges

Primarily, the customer faced difficulties:

  • Tracking and managing inbounds and POs
  • Shipping HAZMAT (current TMS lacked the capacity)
  • Efficiently coordinating shipments with too much time spent emailing and calling vendors and suppliers   

How FreightPOP met the customer's needs:

FreightPOP Tools

How We Deliver on Customer Needs


No more logging in and out of carrier sites to track shipments! FreightPOP reduces the friction businesses encounter with carriers and provides a more concise way to communicate shipping status to customers.

FreightPOP offers robust tracking tools, including:

  • Real-time tracking of all shipments, with 3PL visibility
  • Proactive notification of delays or issues—internally and/or directly to customers
  • Multi-leg tracking capabilities
  • Complete visibility enabling shipping supervisors to see all shipments on a single centralized platform

HAZMAT Shipping

FreightPOP makes it easy for customers to ship their HAZMAT goods. 

With FreightPOP, you can:

  • Print FedEx HAZMAT forms
  • Easily create HAZMAT shipping support documents
  • Access auditing tools that allow you to identify carrier discrepancies on HAZMAT material fees that do not match quotes

Customer Portals

Customer portals allow shippers' customers or divisions of business to access information, such as specific shipping authorizations, order tracking, and shipping history. 

Vendor and supplier portals also:

  • Enable easier reverse logistics
  • Provide shippers with visibility into their inbound shipments
  • Allow you to pull and push invoices straight to vendors and customers


Results With FreightPOP

The benefits to the customer have been game-changing. They have reduced shipping process time and improved service to their customers. They also now have access to business tools, such as auditing, that help them continue to improve how they manage things and what carriers they continue to rely on. 

Another unexpected result that has really helped is FreightPOPs Product Master Automation, which sees any product updates automatically pulled into the shipping system making manual updates unnecessary and reducing errors.  

This customer is delighted with the results and support that FreightPOP provides. 

Do you need to do more with less?

The best way to know what is possible is to learn from businesses that have updated their shipping processes to include more automation and easier labor loads. For example, learn how online retailer Newegg reduced their shipping processes by 50-70% using FreightPOP's system integrations and tools!